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Saint John Breastfeeding Alliance

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Saint John Breastfeeding Alliance is a non-profit organization which exists to bring together health professionals, educators, and volunteers from the community, to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding in the Saint John area.


To have total acceptance of breastfeeding as the ideal food for babies, feeding anytime, anywhere. All health professionals and educators will promote breastfeeding and be readily available as a resource to families. All companies and organizations will adhere to the WHO Code.


  1. To make Saint John a more breastfeeding friendly community.
  2. To enhance and increase support available to the breastfeeding family.
  3. To promote breastfeeding as a natural process and breastmilk as the ideal food for a baby.
  4. To educate health professionals, parents, and the community about the unique health benefits of breastfeeding to both the infant and mother.
  5. To increase government support of breastfeeding.

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Author: Thomas Wetmore
Last Updated: Thursday, January 21, 1999